Hello World

Trying out markdown

A First Level Header

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’s back.

A Second Level Header

This is an example link.

This is a blockquote.

This is the second paragraph in the blockquote.

This is an H2 in a blockquote

Another Second Level Header

$ ping example.com

Zoomable images

Awesome quotes

“Effective companies tend to communicate more, their people are curious and they have opinions”

Here’s some code

layout: post

title: Hello World
subtitle: "What's in the box"

# Setup post cover image in /images/

# Keep it as draft, not published in index.html or feed.xml
draft: false

Configurable & Code Snipped Highlighting


/* Text colors */
$text: #21272d;
$textmuted: #848484;
$accent: #2077b2;    

Stay tuned for updates.